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Pro Pack 6x9
​6" x 9" sealing area with a maximum card size of 7.5" x 10.5" x 1.5" deep. 110 volt power and 40 PSI air required
MB 6 x 9
Hannan 511 S
The MEDPACK MB6X9 blister/tray sealer has been engineered for reliability, high productivity and efficient use of space and energy. This medical tray sealer is ideally suited to meet your requirements for speed, accuracy and flexibility of operation. Automatic operation, self aligning pressure system, and balanced heat platen assure consistent sealing of materials. MEDPACK equipment is designed for continuous production use with a minimum of operator skill.
​The 511 S has been engineered for reliability, high productivity, and efficient use of space and energy. This machine has everything needed to produce the highest quality package at the fastest rate ranging from display to medical applications. With instant tooling changeover and independent two station shuttle system, the 511 S is ideally suited for long or short run production. The balanced heat platen, automatic thermostat, and self-aligning pressure system assure the proper sealing of materials every time. The 511S is capable of sealing blisters to card stock, foil lid stock, or Tyvek®.
Blister Cards
Blisters can be supplied in both standard and custom sizes. Blister trays for medical applications can also be made to your specifications. Blisters are made from high quality materials to provide the best in clarity, strength and consistent adhesion.
Thermoformed Blisters
Blister Cards are made to provide the best adhesion with the fastest cycle time. They can be printed to match your art specifications and die cut to the finished size. Blister cards are available in a number of standard sizes. Special shapes, configurations, cutouts, etc. can also be accommodated.
Pro Pack 6x9 Blister sealer
Medical blister sealer
Hannan 511 S Blister sealer
Blister Cards
Thermoformed Blisters
Bliaster card photo
Bliaster card photo
blister card photo
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