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C250 Series Entry Level Machines
The PM-C250 is a high quality, low cost entry level flow wrapper that is capable of wrapping at speeds up to 100 PPM. Touch screen control panel, great for small items like cookies, brownies, health food bars, or pens. 7 ft lugged infeed.
S-5547 Servo Series
Horizontal single axis servo motor drive flow wrapper with Siemens PLC controller, 5.7” color touch screen with 50 program memory, photo eye for printed film, adjustable film former, 7.5ft (2.3m) flighted infeed conveyor, European “CE” safety standard. Overload protection on end seal with automatic jaw disengage function. speeds 30-250ppm
S-5747-SB3 5 Axis Servo
High speed 5 axis servo drive with Allen Bradley PLC 10" color touch screen and smart Belt  Infeed, speeds to 250 PPM
PM-C350 Series
The Model C350 is a flow wrapper for candy, biscuits, bread, hardware, and other solid products in small packaging. It can make a bag up to W160 x L190mm.
PM-C450 Series
The Model C450 is a flow wrapper for candy, biscuits, bread, cake, hardware, and other solid products in larger packaging. It can make a bag up to H80 x L450mm.
S-800 Servo Candy Wrapper
S Series Servo drive Horizontal Flow Wrapper
S-5747-SB3 5 Axis Servo drive horizontal flow wrappers
S-800 Candy Wrapper
PM-250 Entry level horizontal flow wrapper
The model H-330 is a horizontal form fill and seal machine designed for cosmetics, chemical, snacks, candy, granular, liquid or powder products in a 3-side or 4-side seal bag. It can make a bag up to 140mm W (5.5") x 180mm L (7")
H-330 Series Horizontal FFS (Form, Fill and Seal)
PM-Series Inverted Film Feed
The inverted film feed allows the film to be feed down the infeed conveyor where the operator would place the products directly on top of the film and allow the film to carry the package intot he seal area where the fin seal is on the top of the bag. This allows for the transfer of multiple items or products that would be difficult to feed or push with a conventional flighted infeed.
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Horizontal Flow Wrappers

For packaging equipment and supplies, commercial clients need a knowledgeable partner they can trust. Excel Packaging Equipment is a family-owned and operated business in Rancho Cucamonga, California. Our inventory of packaging equipment and corresponding parts is quite diverse. We believe in servicing the equipment we sell, so clients never have to deal with another company for service. Quality machinery and excellent service have propelled us forward from the beginning...
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