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Pouch Seal Machine - Pick, Fill and Seal
The E-39 is a Pick, Fill and Seal machine designed for individual pre-made bags, stand up pouches or zippered bags and can support 4 sided sealed bags.This machine is designed to accommodate a wide fill range and product types such as snacks, cereal, coffee, tea, rice, nuts, candy, granular, powder or liquid products. 

The E-39 is designed to be integrated with a multi-head weigh scale, volumetric cup filler, piston filler or auger filler. The pre-made nags are loaded into the magazine and grippers take the bag opens it then fills it and seals it and discharges the completed bag at speeds of 12-15 BPM. Features Omron PLC and is constructed of #304 Stainless Steel. Bag size: 4.72-12.5" W x 6"-17.7" L

E-39G (Designed for pre-made gusseted bags)  
3.15"-6.3" W x 6"-17.7" L

E-39Z (Designed for pre-made zippered bags) 
4.72"-12.5" W x 6"-17.7" L
Model E-300 Rotary Pouch Seal Machine-Pick, Fill and Seal Machine. The E-300 series rotary pouch sealing machine is an 8 station intermittent motion bag sealing machine. The pre-made bags are loaded manually into the magazine at station #1 The bags are picked up from the magazine using suction cups to place the bag into the first holding station. The pouches are advanced in succession to each subsequent station where the bag is opened, then filled (the pouch 'Fill' signal is generated by the dosing system via Auger filler or weigh scale) then sealed and finally discharged at up to 30 BPM.

Bag Size: 3.9"-7.9" W x 3.9"-11.8" L

The E-300 is usually connected to some type of weigh fill system such as a multi-head weigh scale, volumetric cup filler, auger filler or piston filler depending on the fill volume of the bag and customers speed requirements.

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