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405 T 

18" x 24" seal area. Operator loads product onto board and place in seal area, operator manually pulls out frame to initiate seal cycle.
411 T 

An auto cycle machine with full manual over ride controls. The 411 features many of the standard features of the 420T with a less automated packaging cycle. The 411T features an 18" x 24" seal size with automatic heat and vacuum initiation. The vacuum range is fully adjustable and the production monitor keeps track of packaging cycles. The 411T meets the demands of a fulltime packaging line that requires less automation.
420 T

A full automatic cycle machine with full manual override controls. User friendly operation allows for high production or simple one-of-a-kind or test packaging. The high efficiency oven provides the fastest cycle with a minimum of energy. User friendly analog controls eliminate any need to access computers or programs.

Seal sizes of 18" x 24", 24" x 30", 24" x 36", 24" x 48", 30" x 36" and 30" x 48"
Hannan 405 T skin packaging machine
Hannan 411 T skin packaging machine
Hannan 420 T fully automatic skin packaging machine
Skin Packaging Machines
610 R

The 610 R2 has been engineered and designed for efficient, trouble free production. Our introductory model has all the the features needed for production die cutting at a very modest cost. 18" x 24" cutting area. An infinitely adjustable pressure roller allows quick setup and precise control to help extend the life of your tooling. (Die setup and changeover is a matter of minutes.) Accurate indexing is provided by registration clips which hold materials in proper relation to the cutting die. The single pass cutting and rapid cycling features, coupled with quick changeover and trouble free operation will dramatically increase your production rate and package quality.  
Hannan 610 R2 roller die cutter
Hannan 611H Hydraulic die cutter
Hannan 620H Hydraulic die cutter
611H Hydraulic

With a manual die shuttle, the 611H is a production proven machine with many design concepts and innovations developed for the 620H. Although less automated, the 611H Series is capable of outstanding productivity featuring a 24" x 36" cutting area. Designed for use with skin and blister packaging, the 611H has proven to be equally effective when making boxes, cutting plastics, foams, gaskets, leathers, and a variety of other materials.

Changeover is fast and simple, requiring little operator skill. Simply lift the die up and out and drop a new one into place. That's it! No bolting, shimming, or fastening into place. And because it's hydraulic, there are no time consuming mechanical adjustments. Just dial in the required pressure, and you're ready to go.
620 H Hydraulic

The 620H is the only hydraulic die cutter designed specifically for skin and blister packaging applications. However, the 620H hydraulic die machine is not limited to these areas alone, and is equally suited for use in many other areas such as boxes, gaskets, plastics, foams, etc. 

The die changeover system (drop in tooling) significantly reduces downtime during job changes. Simply lift the die up and out, drop a new die into place. That's it! No bolting or fastening. And because it's hydraulic, there are no time consuming mechanical adjustments. Just dial in the pressure, and you're ready to go.

The 620 H hydraulic die press machines are available from 60 to 100 ton capacity.
Cutting area available in 24" x 36" and 30" x 36"
Skin packaging boards and cards
There is more to making a skin or blister card than just printing on a piece of board stock. All materials must be specifically selected for their compatibility with one another, which includes specially formulated inks, solvents, papers, and coatings, all of which must be systematically applied. Through years of research and development, with complete in-house processing, has developed a unique series of patented manufacturing processes which allows us to produce the most consistantly high quality cards possible.   These materials are available as while blanks, solid color blanks, or may be printed in simple one color line work to sophisticated four-color process.
Surlyn skin films
Surlyn Skin Film is heated then applied to the skin card to hold product in place. 

Available in 5, 7.5 and 10 mill thickness

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