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Tie-Matic 38
Ideal for the baked goods and food products industry, the HD38 provides an air-tight seal with a colorful twist. Maximum capacity 3/8"
Tie-Matic 58
Perfect device for twist-tying bundles of cables, cords, disposable goods, tortillas, candy and so much more. Maximum capacity 5/8"
Tie-Matic 78
Fast, simple & secure. Looking for an quick and reliable packaging solution? Let the HD78 do the work for you. Simply insert your product into the throat of the machine to trigger the tying sensor. In just one second, you will have a perfectly twist-tied product. Maximum capacity 7/8"
Tie-Matic XL2
The heavy-duty XL-2 features an extra-wide throat for tying products from 1/2" to 2" in diameter. Manufactured with a durable, all-metal frame, this workhorse easily bundles bags, cords, cables, hoses and many other products.
Tack-it model 3567 twist tie machine
Tack-It Model 3567
The most technologically advanced twist tie machine in the world is the Tach-It Model 3567. This state-of-the-art machine does not utilize a reciprocating arm which eliminates jams. The unique straight line ribbon feed avoids the ribbon jam ups that are common with other twist tie machines on the market today. The Model 3567 is U.L. approved constructed of all metal components for long and reliable service life has a 1/2in. tying capacity and uses only a 3in. piece of twist tie ribbon per closure which is a 25% savings in consumables compared to competitive machinery making the Model 3567 for economical to use. Capable of tying up to 50 bags per minute.
Tack-it model 3570 twist tie machine
Tach-It Model 3570
The Tach-It model 3570 is the perfect twist tie machine for larger bags or for applications where variable tying diameters are necessary. Adjustable tying diameters from ¼ inch to 1 3/8 inch allows this machine to be used for a variety of products including bags, small coils, hanks, bundles, and on most products where a twist tie closure is desired. Manufactured with the finest components, this machine requires no tools to make tying adjustments, has separate adjustments for tying diameter and ribbon length, and requires no operator training prior to use. 
Tie-matic 78 twist tie machine
Tie-matic XL2 twist tie machine
Tie-matic 58 twist tie machine
Tie-matic 38 twist tie machine
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